Here at Steady State Media, we are video production experts who have been content creators for nearly two decades.

Our expertise is in creating video projects for marketing efforts, advertising, internal and external communications, training resources, and more.



Full-Scale Video Production

From script writing to shooting and editing, we do it all.

Do you have an important message to deliver, but no footage to support a video? No problem.

We can record the footage for you, either on-location or off-site, remotely.

Using the recorded footage and clips, we then deliver personalized video content that best suits your marketing efforts.


Self-Filmed Video Production

Long before COVID-19, we were huge supporters of remote video production.

We provide you the knowledge and tools needed to film your own video clips, off-site.

From tips on using your iPhone to record the clips to the best lighting for a video, we will help you record the best footage possible.

Once you have filmed, leave post-production up to us.

We’ll take your footage, message, and even your audio files and produce and deliver polished, professional videos for you to enhance your marketing communications.


Motion Graphic Video Production

Camera shy? Our animated graphic videos are a perfect alternative to live action videos.

These motion graphic films can be instructional videos, marketing videos, or advertisements.


  1. Assess exactly how your company should be using video. (Hint: FOR EVERYTHING).
  2. Determine the types of videos that will work best for you and your business.
  3. Create and present a strategy for you to use alongside video content.
  4. Help you integrate video everywhere you need it – from your internal intranet and social media ad campaigns, to your long-term marketing strategy and beyond.
  5. Assure you’re using best practices to capture every message – delivered from your executives, employees or partners.


According to a recent study by SmallBizTrends, social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.



Overall, video is a great communication tool for each and every message you may want to deliver.

Whether your message is for clients, employees, or potential customers, we at Steady State Media offer effective, high-quality video strategies.


Ready to get started? Contact us to talk about your video strategy.

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